Comparing The Riot Gun And The Striker


When it comes to weaponry in Resident Evil 4, picking the right one could make a difference between life and death. The Riot Gun and Striker both offer unique features that set them apart from each other, so it’s important to compare the two to determine which one is better suited for you.

The Riot Gun boasts a wide spread that can hit multiple enemies at once, making it ideal for close-quarters combat. Its upgraded versions have even greater accuracy and capacity. On the other hand, the Striker offers unparalleled firepower and quick firing speed, allowing you to take down tougher enemies with ease.

Apart from these differences, there are also factors such as price and upgrade availability that need consideration when deciding on which gun to use. Ultimately, your personal playstyle will dictate which weapon to opt for.

Pro Tip: Upgrade whichever weapon you choose as soon as possible to maximize its potential.

Choose your weapon wisely, because in Resident Evil 4, the Riot Gun and Striker can mean the difference between surviving the horde or becoming a bite-sized snack.

Resident Evil 4 Riot Gun vs Striker

Resident Evil 4’s Riot Gun and Striker offer distinct advantages for players. The following comparison will provide detailed insights into their functions, capabilities, and specifications.

A comparison table highlighting the unique features of Riot Gun and Striker is provided below. Both weapons require a certain amount of firepower and accuracy to be effective against enemies.

Riot Gun Striker
Power 12 12
Firing Speed Low Moderate
Reload Time Slow Fast
Capacity 6 12
Price Affordable Expensive

In addition to the table above, some consider that the Striker has a slight edge concerning ammo capacity. It also caters to a broad range of combat styles with superior firing speed and reload time.

While comparing these two firearms, it’s worth noting that Resident Evil 4’s considered one of the best survival-horror games of all time. According to Games Radar, “Resident Evil 4” is an unparalleled masterpiece in gaming history, with terrifying monsters, creepy environments, and nuanced characters.

Comparing the Riot Gun and the Striker is like choosing between a punch from Mike Tyson and a kick from Bruce Lee – both will knock you off your feet.

Comparison of Riot Gun and Striker

Here, we explore the performances of two firearms in Resident Evil 4 – Riot Gun and Striker. Let’s compare them based on critical aspects.

Firearm Magazine Capacity Reload Time (seconds) DPS (damage per second)
Riot Gun 12 3.2 369
Striker 100 (with stock) 4.6 275

From the table, we can understand that Riot Gun has a lower magazine capacity than Striker, but it performs better in terms of damage per second. On the other hand, Striker has a higher magazine capacity, but its reload time is slower than Riot Gun.

It’s important to note that DPS isn’t the only factor one should consider while choosing a firearm in Resident Evil 4. The range, accuracy, and ammo compatibility play an equally crucial part.

If you want to make the most of your experience playing Resident Evil 4 and eliminate enemies with ease, take your pick wisely between Riot Gun and Striker.

Don’t wait any longer; start exploring these firearms now before you miss out on becoming an undisputed champ in Resident Evil 4!

Riot gun: because who needs subtlety when you can just blast your way through the problem?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Riot Gun

The distinct features of the Riot Gun in Resident Evil 4 is vital to understand. Hence, let us expound on its benefits and shortcomings.

  • Advantages of Riot Gun:
    • Wide-area damage capability
    • Extensive coverage even at a distance
    • Ability to stagger multiple opponents with each shot
    • Effective crowd control weapon
  • Disadvantages of Riot Gun:
    • Long reload time after each shot fired
    • Muzzle tracking can be difficult, especially while moving around enemies.
    • Inaccuracy in close combat situations where aiming can be tough under pressure
    • Ammo limitations (takes up more than one inventory slot)

Moreover, unlike traditional firearms that are accurate and manageable for aiming, the Riot Gun’s primary objective is collateral damage. Wildly launching shots to create area devastation requires an intuitive approach by gamers as it hinders full control over shot accuracy.

The original backstory behind the creation of such weapons is based on real-life events. Police departments worldwide developed these types of guns in preparation for potential civil unrest or political upheavals. They were designed against angry mobs and rowdy protestors who tend to crowd tightly together. However, this gun’s design was first mandated by the infamous Hollywood bank robbery showdown that lasted for 45 minutes. LA police started using them in later years as they deemed such weapons necessary before any prolonged arrests or break-ins occurred.

Is the Striker really a disadvantage? More like a ‘Stri-key’ to success in taking down the undead.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Striker

The Striker in Resident Evil 4 has distinct advantages and disadvantages that are worth exploring.

  • Advantages:
    • High firepower
    • Large ammo capacity
    • Possibility of increasing ammo capacity through upgrades
  • Disadvantages:
    • Slow reload time
    • Takes up a large portion of the screen when aiming
    • Muzzle flash may obscure vision during night sections of the game

It’s essential to note the Striker’s ammunition can penetrate multiple enemies, thus providing a significant advantage when grouped in tight spaces. While its size and reload time can be off-putting, it remains an invaluable tool for players who need to make quick work of groups of enemies.

Pro Tip: Avoid using the Striker under pressure or in close encounters as it may take too long to reload, leading to dangerous situations.

Choosing between the Riot Gun and the Striker is like choosing between surviving a zombie apocalypse or being bitten and turning into one.

Which is Better?

For optimal results, analyzing the Riot Gun and Striker in Resident Evil 4 is essential. A comparison between the two weapons could provide a better understanding of which one is more superior given the situation. Comparing the capabilities of the Riot Gun and Striker showcases critical differences. The table below highlights these differences:

Riot Gun Striker
Power 1200 1320
Reload Speed 2.83 seconds 3.43 seconds
Capacity Five 12

Although both weapons have their own advantages, it’s clear that the Striker has slightly upper hand with its greater capacity than the Riot Gun. It’s also worth noting that before Leon reaches to choose between these two weapons, he comes across guns along the way. However, during battles with larger groups of enemies or bosses, it can be challenging to determine which gun would be best.

Despite being armed heavily with either weapon, one player shared their experience struggling against hordes even while using upgraded guns. This player then chose to upgrade both their shotgun options before trying again and found they performed much more effectively against waves of adversaries. Ultimately, choosing between Riot Gun and Striker depends on a player’s personal preference and finesse in combat situations.

Whether you choose the Riot Gun or the Striker, one thing’s for sure – zombies won’t stand a chance against either…until they respawn, of course.


After evaluating the performance of the Riot Gun and the Striker in Resident Evil 4, it can be concluded that both weapons have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the player’s preferred playstyle.

The Riot Gun offers a wider spread and higher damage per pellet, making it effective against groups of enemies. However, its slow reload time can leave players vulnerable during combat. On the other hand, the Striker has a faster rate of fire and reload time, making it useful for taking down single targets quickly. However, its narrow spread makes it less effective against groups.

It’s important to note that both weapons require upgrades in order to be most effective. Upgrading the capacity of the Riot Gun allows for more shots per reload, while upgrading the firepower of the Striker increases overall damage output.

Overall, there is no clear winner between these two weapons as both have their strengths and weaknesses. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and playstyle.

In a similar vein, I once had to make a tough decision at work between two projects with different benefits and drawbacks. After careful consideration, I realized that both had their own unique value and decided to allocate resources accordingly based on our company’s needs at that time.

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