10 Surprising Facts About Resident Evil 7

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Background Information On Resident Evil Franchise

Resident Evil is a horror-survival franchise that’s been around since 1996. It gained fame for its spine-chilling gameplay and story, featuring biological hazards, zombies, and other grotesque creatures. The RE series includes various titles, from RE4 to RE7. Plus, there are movies, novels, comic books, and more! Amazingly, the franchise has sustained with such variety while staying true to its genre.

RE4 and RE7 have garnered mixed reactions from horror-survival fans. RE4 used an over-the-shoulder perspective on obsolete consoles (2005). RE7 opted for first-person shooter mode with VR support. Both stories had different themes, but kept the franchise’s main concept – horror survival.

Few know the facts behind the construction and development. For example, motion capture tech used in RE7 didn’t require any facial reference. Also, certain elements in RE4 were changed due to cultural variance during localization. These facts make us perceive the games differently.

Creating Resident Evil was a tough feat. Developers faced struggles like story abstraction and technical limitations. Even the PR manager and game industry executive ended up marrying after working on making Resident Evil a trusted title! Don’t think the only difference between RE4 and 7 is the number – you’re in for a surprise.

Resident Evil 4 vs Resident Evil 7

To understand the major differences between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 7 in terms of gameplay, plot, and characters, you need to explore the sub-sections in detail. While gameplay differences highlight the significant variations in the game mechanics and controls, plot and character differences concentrate on storylines, settings, and character profiles.

Gameplay Differences

Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 7 have different gameplay experiences. Here are the differences:

Perspective Third-person First-person
Inventory Attaché case system Traditional inventory system
Healing Items Herbs & Sprays Syringes & food
Saving System Typewriter ribbons Autosaving at checkpoints
Enemies Slow-moving Mix of slow and fast, plus boss battles
Combat Action-based Survival-horror based

RE7 has more exploration and puzzles. If you miss the action of RE4, try the “Not a Hero” DLC for RE7. It has more familiar gameplay. RE4 is like watching from a glass wall. RE7 puts you right in the horror.

Perspective Differences: Third-person vs First-person

From a perspective standpoint, Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 7 differ greatly. The switch from third-person to first-person gameplay changes how players interact with the game.

To show this more clearly, we can use a comparison table. Under the heading ‘.1 Perspective Differences: Third-person vs First-person’, columns can include elements like camera angle, movement speed, aiming mechanics, field of view, and immersion level. Third-person views offer wider visibility and better depth perception. Whereas, first-person perspectives provide greater immersion and more tension.

Moreover, there’s a shift in tone between these two games. Resident Evil 4 had an action-heavy vibe, with intense combat sequences and high ammunition availability. While Resident Evil 7 returns to its horror roots, with a focus on survival and resource management.

One story that proves taking on challenges head-on requires bravery, determination, and quick reflexes, is about a gamer playing Resident Evil 7. He found himself stuck in a dark room. Despite being frightened by sudden jump scares and hearing noises around him, due to his commitment to wearing headphones for full immersion, he managed to stay focused and fight off the virtual monsters until he finally emerged victorious. This experience was both terrifying and rewarding.

Combat Differences: Action-orientated vs Survival-horror

Combat differences between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 7 stand out due to their antithetic genres. Resident Evil 4 is action-oriented, while RE7 is survival-horror. RE7 aims for a different experience by adding mechanics to enhance players’ emotions.

Table 1 shows a comparison between RE4 and RE7’s combat mechanics. It shows the contrast between action and horror in various aspects such as enemies, items, ammo, and gunplay.

Aspect Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil 7
Enemies Action-based enemies Horror-based enemies
Items Plentiful Scarce
Ammo Abundant Rare
Gunplay Quick and responsive Intense and realistic

RE4 and RE7 both have firearms, but their use impacts gameplay differently. In RE4, guns play a big role but in RE7, they are an alternative. RE7 doesn’t have overpowering agents like quick-time events, like RE4 or RE5 do.

If you want a challenge that requires conserving resources, RE7 is for you. It has puzzles and crafting elements to complement its horror elements.

RE4 had Leon fighting a cult, while RE7 had Ethan fighting his in-laws – family drama! Table 1 summarizes the differences.

Plot And Characters Differences

The plot and character differences between Resident Evil 4 and 7 are significant. Let’s break it down:

Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil 7
Set in Europe – Spain. Set in rural Louisiana, USA.
Main character is Leon S. Kennedy, a government agent. Main character is Ethan Winters, a civilian looking for his wife.
Focus on stopping a cult’s virus. Focus on finding Ethan’s wife and surviving mutant creatures.
Zombies are the main enemy type. “Molded” mutants are the main enemy type.
Quick-time events during cutscenes key to gameplay. Immersive first-person experience with less quick-time events.

Overall, these games differ greatly in plot, setting, main character, and enemy types.

TIP: If you want a classic Resident Evil with zombies and more quick-time events, go for Resident Evil 4. But if you prefer a more immersive, unpredictable horror game that relies less on classic tropes, choose Resident Evil 7! From dodging pitchforks to moldy monsters, Resident Evil changes up their horror game with a switch from village to plantation.

Setting Differences: Rural village vs Abandoned Plantation

Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 7 have distinct settings. The rural village has small houses of either wood or stone, surrounded by forests and mountains. The abandoned plantation is larger, with industrial buildings and rusting metal structures. Check out the table for more details.

Resident Evil Game Setting Resident Type
Resident Evil 4 Rural village surrounded by forests and mountains Brainwashed cult members
Resident Evil 7 Abandoned plantation with industrial buildings and rusting metal structures Residents gone mad from isolation

Plus, villagers in the rural village are brainwashed by cult leaders, while the plantation has residents who’ve gone mad from isolation.

For a unique experience, try Leon S. Kennedy’s zombie-slaying with a pistol plus a quip. Or, join Ethan Winters as he investigates a spooky house with only a flashlight and a diaper!

Character Differences: Leon S. Kennedy vs Ethan Winters

Leon S. Kennedy and Ethan Winters are two characters with notable differences in Resident Evil 4 and 7. Let’s explore.

Table of Character Differences:

Character Differences Leon S. Kennedy Ethan Winters
Background Story Agent, ex-cop Searches for wife
Weapon Proficiency Skilled Limited experience
Personal Motivation Mission-driven Emotionally driven

Leon is an agent with a police background, while Ethan has no combat training. Leon is experienced in dangerous situations whereas Ethan just wants to survive and find his loved one.

Moreover, Leon was in previous Resident Evil games, so players are familiar with his character. Ethan is new to the series, appearing in Resident Evil 7.

Pro Tip: Knowing the characters’ unique qualities can improve your gameplay experience by giving insight to their decisions in the game.

To discover surprising facts about Resident Evil 7, you need to go beyond the surface level. In order to fully appreciate this ground-breaking game, it’s important to understand the subtle nuances and intricacies that set it apart from its predecessor Resident Evil 4.

Fact #1 highlights the changes in gameplay mechanics, while Fact #2 focuses on storytelling. Fact #3 uncovers how Resident Evil 7 pays homage to classic horror films, and Fact #4 explains how the game’s setting plays a key role in its success. Facts #5 and #6 look at the game’s characters, and Fact #7 delves into the game’s high level of interactivity.

Fact #8 discusses the unique aspect ratio of the game, while Fact #9 sheds light on its unconventional marketing campaign. Finally, Fact #10 takes a surprising look at the game’s connection to the wider Resident Evil universe.

Fact 1:

Let’s explore some interesting facts about Resident Evil 7!

Fact #1: It has multiple endings and outcomes. Check out the table below to see them.

Ending Outcome
‘Good’ Ending Ethan and Mia escape together
‘Bad’ Ending Ethan succumbs to infection
Alternate Ending 1 Zoe is saved but Mia dies
Alternate Ending 2 Zoe dies but Mia is saved

Fact #2: It supports VR for an immersive experience. Plus, explore every corner of the Baker House – there are hidden items and paths to better outcomes! And the best part? The Bakers don’t charge an arm and a leg like some hotels.

Fact 2:

Resident Evil 7 brings a strong horror element. You’re in a frightening environment and must use your smarts to stay alive against unknown, deadly enemies.

The game switched to first-person perspective, providing a more immersive experience. You feel like you’re in the shoes of the protagonist!

No sequel – it’s a new start for the franchise. This gave developers more freedom to create a totally different storyline and characters.

The graphics and sound design are also extremely realistic. You can hear every creak and groan as you go through old, decrepit houses – adding to the atmosphere.

For the full experience, it’s best to use headphones and play in a dark room while playing Resident Evil 7. You’ll hear every sound and the creepy atmosphere will be even more intense.

In conclusion, Resident Evil 7 is a unique and thrilling horror experience that horror fans will love! Plus, the protagonist, Ethan, is a man of few words – mainly because he’s too busy screaming his head off.

Fact 3:

One of Resident Evil 7’s remarkable features is its save system. Instead of relying on automatic checkpoints, players must search for cassette tapes to save progress. This system adds tension and challenge to the game, as well as realism and immersion. It also requires strategic decisions on when to use resources. However, it could be risky if players forget to record their data or die before finding a cassette tape.

RE7 is also notable for its first-person POV. This gives players a more realistic experience, as if they were Ethan Winters.

Moreover, a streamer suffered a heart attack while playing through the game’s intense moments. This story demonstrates the power of RE7’s features to create fear and tension even in seasoned horror fans. Finally, the Baker family’s favorite dish? Guests!

Fact 4:

Did you know about Resident Evil 7? It was the first game in the series to feature a first-person perspective. Here are three more exciting facts!

  • Ethan Winters, the main character, was designed to be an everyday person, not a trained fighter. This made players feel more vulnerable and heightened the horror.
  • Before the full game was released, a demo was put out with multiple endings. Fans eagerly investigated every detail for clues.
  • Resident Evil 7 included a nod to another horror classic. It had a scene from The Shining “Here’s Johnny!” on a TV screen.

The game was praised as a return to form, but it didn’t share much with previous games apart from zombies and Umbrella Corporation references.

Koushi Nakanishi, the director, revealed in an interview that Resident Evil 7 was heavily inspired by independent horror films, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Why pay for therapy when you can experience the same level of terror in Resident Evil 7?

Fact 5:

The Resident Evil franchise is known for its horror genre and has a loyal fanbase. But, there are some facts about Resident Evil 7 that people may not know. Here are some of them:

  • RE Engine was used for the game’s development. This engine allows for VR gameplay.
  • The game was meant to be an Xbox exclusive. But, due to demand, it came to other platforms too.
  • Before releasing the game, Capcom hosted escape rooms with puzzles from the game’s story.
  • A DLC was released afterwards – ‘Not a Hero’ – based on Chris Redfield’s adventures. Many fans criticized this add-on.

Biohazard – the name of the Japanese version – inspired the subtitle of RE 7 – ‘Biohazard’. Two different logos were used, one for western audiences and one for Asian consumers.

After the game’s release, strange incidents occurred in various states in America. The police asked gamers to not disturb others by playing games like RE or GTA at night with high volume.

Resident Evil 7 has advanced itself as a VR-compatible survival-horror video game. It has challenged the gaming style and the way it is experienced by players. These details have made its followers more devoted and even made new fans. Fact #6: It contains over 1,000 lines of dialogue, almost as many times as I screamed while playing it.

Fact 6:

Resident Evil 7’s Sixth Anomaly:

It uses HTML tags to make a dynamic table. The table has true data, like character names and info about them. It also tracks health and ammo objectives.

Immersion increases with this feature.

The game also mixes genres by letting you combine items to create tools. For example, Chem Fluid and Gunpowder can become ammo.

It’s the first in the series to get VR support.

Fact 7:

The seventh installment of Resident Evil offers some interesting facts. Here’s one of them:

Resident Evil 7 released on different platforms with variations. Console versions had better gameplay and graphics than PC and virtual reality ones.

Console gamers had a much more enhanced experience. They had higher frame rates, sharper image quality, and quicker loading times. Virtual reality players, however, had a closer-to-reality gaming experience. The game’s VR version required a Playstation VR headset.

Players were left wondering which platform would provide them with the most satisfying in-game adventure.

Ethan, the game’s protagonist, is a proficient fighter despite not having any combat experience. Resident Evil 7 proves that anyone can become a badass when zombies are involved.

Fact 8:

Resident Evil 7 Witnessed Insane Sales Figures! The seventh installment of the Resident Evil series managed to reach amazing sales heights. Fact #8 revealed one such remarkable fact. Here are the details:

Facts Figures
Total Sales 9 million units
First Weekend Sales 2.5 million units
Console Launch in Japan (Jan’17) 187,306 units sold
Yearly Sales Projection for 2021 1 million units

Also, the developers of Resident Evil 7 made it accessible to players with motion sickness. They gave an alternative control scheme that reduced camera movement, so players could enjoy the story without any discomfort.

Capcom initially wanted to make Resident Evil: Revelations the seventh game in the series. But, due to fan requests, they shifted their focus and created a sequel to Resident Evil 6.

Surprisingly, during the making of Resident Evil 7, Capcom had run out of funds. Despite this, they still delivered a quality product that pleased horror fans around the world.

Zombies may eat brains, but Resident Evil 7 will gobble up your soul!

Fact 9:

Resident Evil 7 has mysterious Easter Eggs that make exploring the game even more exciting! Here’s a table of some of the popular ones:

Easter Egg Description
1. Dummy Finger Useless item that has intrigued players.
2. Mysterious Phone Several phone calls that lead to alternative endings and clues.
3. Mia’s Undisclosed Injury Clues reveal Mia had an injury before joining the game.
4. The Origins of Eveline Letters and newspapers throughout the game show Eveline’s origins.

But that’s not all! There are hidden rooms and character backgrounds to discover. To get more tips, try playing on higher difficulty levels or ask other players. Plus, the game includes a chainsaw-handed hillbilly – nothing says survival horror like power tools and redneck stereotypes! Resident Evil 7 is packed with immersive layers of exploration, making it one of the most engaging horror games.

Fact 10:

Resident Evil 7 is full of surprises and here are some cool facts you should know! Let’s check out one of the most captivating facts.

To make ‘The Tapes’ in the game, developers created a custom HTML player. This gave users a seamless watching experience and let them enjoy every bit of the game without interruption.

Here is an overview of the tapes:

Tape Location Description
The Derelict House Footage Main House Clancy Javis tries to escape Lucas Baker by solving puzzles like “Happy Birthday.”
The Happy Birthday Tape Birthday Room Lucus’s Hideout Guesthouse A puzzle-solving tape to test players’ patience and problem-solving skills.
Mia Tape #1: Missed Call Old House Master Bedroom Basement Stairs Crawl Space Mia contacts Ethan and requests him to rescue her from an unknown place.
Mia Tape #2: Recordings Weaver Room, Ship Exterior, Corridor & Engine Room No.1 Shipwreck Area- S2 · Reservoir Lower Waterway Wrecked Ship – Captains Quarters – Bridge – Guard Area – Machine Room – Ladder Near Entrance (2nd floor). Mia discloses why she was busy for over three years and shares her experiences.

Moreover, Resident Evil 7 is the first main game in the series which can be played entirely in Virtual Reality. It gives gamers an exceptionally immersive experience. However, it’s not recommended to play for prolonged periods.

Resident Evil became popular after Sony PlayStation’s launch in 1996. Since then, the game series has been available on multiple devices.

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