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A from-scratch reimagining of Gutenberg's user interface. Designed to accommodate the ever-growing and ever-expressive needs of the Editor and the Platform.
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A system of
Composed of a series of specialized systems. Systems designed to handle accessibility, context-awareness, styling, theming, animations, gestures, state management, and more. All working in harmony to form the foundations of this reimagined UI layer.
by design.
An extensive collection of modular components. Create richer experiences by combining components together.G2 is powered by a custom Style System. Designed to work out-of-the-box, in any React environment. No setup necessary.

by default.
Built on top of Reakit, G2 provides strict WAI-ARIA 1.1 standards from a core level. G2 also accomodates visual accessibility with built-in modes for dark, high-contrast, color-blind, and reduced motion.
G2's versatile built-in theming system allows you to easily customize the UI.
A series of Design Tokens can be refined, creating styles that ripple across the entire system.
Coming soon.
G2 is currently in a proposal stage. The core systems have been architected and the code has been prepped to be integrated into Gutenberg.