Alternatives To Smart Steering In Mario Kart 8


Smart Steering in Mario Kart 8 can make the game easier for novices, but experienced players may find it cumbersome. Here’s how to turn it off and start enjoying the game without the assistance:

  1. Head to the main menu and choose “Mario Kart 8”.
  2. Go to “Options” in the top right.
  3. Select “Driving Options”.
  4. Scroll down to “Smart Steering” and switch it off.
  5. Save your settings.

Now you can compete against others without Smart Steering assistance – but be aware that it might be challenging for new players to adjust to this style of play. Experienced gamers can take advantage of more control over their kart, such as avoiding obstacles or taking shortcuts.

Fun fact: Mario Kart 8 was the first instalment of the series to feature HD graphics. This was a major factor in its success and popularity.

How To Turn Off Smart Steering Mario Kart 8

Switch off Smart Steering in Mario Kart 8 and get total control when racing! To do this, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the main menu and select ‘Options’.
  2. Then, pick ‘Settings’.
  3. Scroll down to find ‘Smart Steering’, and toggle it off.
  4. Hit ‘B’ to save and exit.

Four simple steps and you’re done – you can now take control of the game! Be aware though, turning off Smart Steering also removes some assistance features such as not crashing into walls. Plus, if you play with pros, why not turn it off and level the playing field? Don’t let Smart Steering drive you mad, try these tips and feel like a champ in Mario Kart 8!

Alternatives to Smart Steering in Mario Kart 8

To improve your Mario Kart skills and turn off Smart Steering, explore alternative techniques such as drifting, braking, drafting, using items strategically, and learning the tracks. In this section, we’ll discuss how each of these methods can help you gain a competitive edge and enhance your overall gaming experience.


Unlock hidden potential with ‘Advanced Turning’! Here’s a 6-Step Guide to mastering this skill:

  1. Turn into corners.
  2. Drift before entering the turn.
  3. Cut the engine while drifting.
  4. Shift weight to adjust angle and speed.
  5. Release drift button to exit with a boost.
  6. Repeat!

Get even faster by chaining boosts together. Drivers who drift early can boost straight away after exiting a drift.

If you’re struggling, try a bike. Bikes have smaller wheelbases for tighter turns, making them ideal for hairpin turns. Combine this with advanced turning and you’ll be unbeatable!

Don’t brake, drift into a wall and hope for a golden mushroom!


When it comes to deceleration in Mario Kart 8, there’s more than just releasing the accelerator button. There’s ‘Retarding’ – using your character’s weight to brake as you drift around corners. Not only does this keep your speed, but it can give you a boost too. Or, you can ‘Brake Drift’, for greater control on tight turns, but at the cost of speed. These alternative strategies give you an edge in gameplay.

Plus, experimenting with different techniques can uncover hidden shortcuts and tricks. This takes practice and skill. Knowing when and where to use them is just as important as doing it right.

Mastering unconventional braking techniques in Mario Kart 8 is a game-changer. Refine your skills through regular play and experimentation. You may find a new appreciation for alternative strategies in video games.

As a young gamer, I used these techniques to beat my older cousin who thought he knew all the secrets. Seeing him realise his mistake after being outraced was so satisfying! So, when it comes to drafting in Mario Kart 8, remember: friends are just enemies you haven’t hit with a red shell yet.


Drafting requires closely following another player. It grants the follower a speed boost, allowing them to cruise past other racers. To maintain a draft, drive in a straight line whilst staying close to the leading player.

Though, drafting doesn’t guarantee victory. Opponents may use the draft to catch up or overtake. Additionally, crashing into the leading player will lose the draft speed boost.

Mario Kart has included drafting since its SNES inception. Mario Kart 8 offers more functions and other racing games have adopted it.

Drafting in Mario Kart 8 is a great way to reduce time and play strategically. Serious kart racers must master it to compete at higher levels. Plus, using banana peels strategically can be just as satisfying as raining down a blue shell!

Using Items Strategically

Mario Kart 8 offers items to gain an edge over opponents. To use them properly, you need more than just random throwing. Here are 3 ways:

  1. Hold certain items, such as red shells or bullet bills, for a strategic time.
  2. Protect yourself with defensive items like mushrooms and bananas.
  3. Make smart decisions based on your race position. If you’re last, a golden mushroom could help you catch up.

Timing is key and needs practice. There are also fun times playing Mario Kart. My sis once used a mushroom to zoom past and win. Everyone cheered and laughed! To master Mario Kart, you have to fall off the edge a few times.

Learning the Tracks

P1. Master Race Courses!

P2. Explore Tracks, Drifts & Boost Pads:

  1. Pick a Track;
  2. Drive slowly to assess the track;
  3. Note all turns & obstacles;
  4. Drift around corners & collect boost pads;
  5. Time trials to improve skills.

P3. Expertise on Race Tracks: Make drift practise a habit. Look for shortcuts, perform jumps to access hidden areas, beware of hazards & road signs for upcoming obstacles.

P4. Historical Perspective: Competitors used maps to study race courses before Mario Kart Tournament. Disable Smart Steering & live on the edge! Race in Mario Kart 8 with daring.

Benefits of Turning Off Smart Steering in Mario Kart 8

Switch off Smart Steering in Mario Kart 8 for better gameplay! You’ll get full control and access to those hard-to-reach shortcuts. Here’s why disabling it is a good idea:

  1. More Manoeuvrability: You can be in full control of your kart with no Smart Steering. Better handling and navigation around obstacles are now possible.
  2. Use Shortcuts: Now that you can manoeuvre better, you can take advantage of shortcuts. That way, you can reach the finish line in record time!
  3. More Challenging: Smart Steering gives players a helping hand, but turning it off gives you a real challenge. You’ll need to plan and execute your strategies well to win.
  4. Strategize: Smart Steering doesn’t help you formulate strategies. So, practice and develop strategies to win races!

Remember, turning off Smart Steering is not always the best choice. It may not be a wise decision on stages with tight turns or narrow paths. But, you will have an edge on most races. Motion controls are also a great way to play when you don’t need assistance – they provide smoother, more accurate inputs. So, why choose Smart Steering when you can drive like a pro and still come in last place?

Tips for Playing Without Smart Steering in Mario Kart 8

To deactivate smart steering in Mario Kart 8, try these tips!

  1. Grasp the controls – Understand how to drift, boost and brake correctly to maintain control.
  2. Pick the right character and vehicle – Opt for a combination that works for you and is suitable for the track.
  3. Use items smartly – Time items appropriately and know when to use them on particular tracks.
  4. Practice – The more you race without smart steering, the easier it gets. So race and keep practising!

Remember: turning off smart steering doesn’t have to make the game harder. It can bring more control and strategy. Plus, experiment with controller options, such as motion controls or a pro controller. These can enhance input accuracy and boost your performance on the track.

By using these tips, players can improve their Mario Kart 8 gameplay, sans smart steering.

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